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Extra Wide Moldings

Extra Wide 7.1/2"

Our new extra wide plank comes in at 7 1/2” wide and 5/8” thick. With a 3mm veneer you can expect many years of beauty in the finest exotics Brazil has to offer. Our new look also comes in a matted finish which lets the striations of these exotic species explode with pleasing visuals. This product was created for those with an eye for design. It’s rustic appearance will transform your space from average to sheer elegance, one plank at a time.TRIANGULO Exotic Hardwoods utilizes the highest quality engineering process in the industry. Each of the under layers of real wood (or plies) is glued under pressure in different directions for strength and durability. This cross-ply construction results in a product this is more stable than solid hardwood flooring. The stability of Triangulo hardwood flooring refers to susceptibility to shrinkage and expansion caused by environmental conditions. It is this additional stability that allows for Triangulo engineered hardwoods to be installed over a mature concrete slab and may be installed in multiple applications; unlike solid wood floors.


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