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Carpet Shims

Whether you call our products a flooring transition, flooring ramp, carpet lifter, carpet ramp, a ramp to raise carpet, or a carpet shim, it should all mean the same and you have come to the right place. Composite board ramps are applicable anywhere you are installing carpet next to hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, marble or any other situation where there is a rise between the sub-floor and the hard surface. Although these ramps were engineered as an extremely sensible and practical flooring transition, they may also be used as a general-purpose product to level cabinets, walls, windows, doors and floors — the possibilities are endless! Choosing the right thickness: Generally, if you measure the height of the rise from the sub-floor to the top of the hard surface, then subtract ½", this will be the ramp thickness you will want installed. The exception to this general rule will be, if you are installing an extremely thick or thin carpet, you may need a thicker or thinner ramp.