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Knee Kickers | Stretching Tools

Crain 445 Knee Kicker

This classic kicker has a recessed trigger for length adjustment in five settings from 17-3/4" to 21-3/4". Gripping head includes 3 nap... more info

Crain 498E Empty Power Stretcher Tube Case

The No. 498E includes the tube case only. The tube case holds an Auto-Lok tube and up to three additional extension tubes. The tube case has recesses... more info

Crain 505 Knee Kicker

The telescoping steel tube construction of the No. 505 makes it one of the most durable knee kickers available. The double buttons provide four... more info

Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher w/Case

This stretcher specifically designed for stairs provides a full and uniform stretch across the tread. Begin at the top of the stairs and work... more info

Crain 513 Seam Repair Attachment

This seam repair attachment can be used with the No. 512 Mini-Stretcher or as a replacement part for the No. 514 Mini-Stretcher w/Seam Att. When... more info

Crain 514 Mini Stretcher w/Seam Attachment

This versatile and compact stretcher works without tubes by hooking the tail blade attachment onto the tack strip. It can stretch in tight areas, or... more info

Crain 525 Wide Knee Kicker

The No. 525 has a wider gripping head with four gripper inserts and an extra row of hardened steel pins (19 total). It moves a wider section of... more info

Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker

Our deluxe knee kicker has a high profile body that more easily spans over stretcher tubes, and a thicker natural rubber bumper for comfort and... more info