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SONO-Better To The Core

Introducing SONO, the German-made innovation in waterproof, dimensionally stable flooring. SONO features stunning HD direct-to-core digitally printed visuals and a ceramic composite core that’s free of PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates and plasticizers. SONO's proprietary technology combines ceramic mineral powder and polyolefin mixed together to create pellets which are then heated until melted & formed into a homogeneous product which is waterproof and dimensionally stable. SONO is stable between an extreme temperature range of - 40 degrees to 150 degrees F. Sono's core, ink & lacquer are all waterproof; water cannot penetrate or weaken its planks and there are no layers to delaminate!

Certified Safe

SONO contains no PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates or plasticizers. Its ceramic composite core is both GreenGuard Gold and Blue Angel certified. GREENGUARD Gold Certification offers stricter certification criteria, considers safety factors to account for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly), and ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. The Blue Angel is the ecolabel of the federal government of Germany since 1978. The Blue Angel sets high standards for environmentally friendly product design and has proven itself as a reliable guide for a more sustainable consumption.


SONO’s unique composition is waterproof making it great for installations throughout your home, including kitchens, bathrooms or below grade.

AC5 Wear Rating

SONO products are rated at AC5 and are built to withstand the daily use of a busy household for years to come. Not only suitable for heavy residential spaces, SONO can also be used in commercial applications.  Plus SONO's dense core provides a high impact resistant platform capable of withstanding the force of 1,600 psi. AC (Abrasion Class Rating), similar to laminate, on a scale of 1 to 5 for abrasion resistance. AC 5 rated for commercial use. Other flooring products like LVT/SPC/WPC offer a thickness measurement for their wear layer (12, 20, 22 mil etc....); however, this alone does not indicate performance. Sono is tested for wear performance using a Falling Sand test (also used for automotive paint, airplane paint & traffic paint) & Castor Chair Resistance - no visible damage > 25,000 cycles.

Enhanced Visuals

Thanks to HD direct-to-core digitally printed visuals, SONO delivers ultra realistic wood and stone prints. Each SONO Plank design covers 18 unique decor planks. The plank variability greatly reduces the repeat found in traditional laminate, WPC and LVT flooring.

Extreme Dimensional Stability

SONO’s ceramic composite core has virtually no expansion or contraction even in demanding conditions. This means it will not warp or gap when exposed to localized pockets of high heat. What's more, 100’ x 100’ room installations are possible with SONO due to its unique composition. Its density and stability combined with the Megaloc locking system allows for large installations without transitional moldings.

Easy DIY + Dust Free

SONO is a true score and snap product. No power tools are needed, only a utility knife to score planks for a dust-free installation. Plus with Megaloc, a patented angle-drop installation system allows for fast installation. Simply lower planks and apply pressure at the short edge to lock it. Once installed, planks will stay firmly in place.

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Sono Ceramic Composite Core Plank - 23 Colors

Sono Ceramic Composite Core Plank - 23 Colors


Sold by the Sq. Ft.:  25.37 Each Carton Contains:  25.37

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Sono Ceramic Composite Core Tile - 3 Colors

Sono Ceramic Composite Core Tile - 3 Colors


Sold by the Sq. Ft.:  25.37 Each Carton Contains:  25.37