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Fixing carpet gripper to different types of sub-floors
event_note  31 Dec

Fixing carpet gripper to different types of sub-floors

Wooden floors and floor boards can generally just be nailed straight in around the perimeter of the room in which the carpet is to be fitted other than underneath a radiator where it is a bit more difficult but some types of sub-floors require a different approach, concrete floors can be sometimes be a lot harder and require sticking with products such as "grip-fill" or other gunable adhesives, the main problem with this is the drying time and depending on the adhesive used how well the gripper is attached, Spotnails have released two products that deal with this problem,

The first been the Pneumatic LT50 concrete nailer which is powered by a compressor and is capable of firing 15mm, 20mm and 25mm FST masonry nails the pros of the tool are the speed and power of it plus the ability to fix gripper into almost any concrete without any adhesive or waiting around for it to dry,

The latest tool from Spotnails is the Gas Concrete Gripper Nailer which also fires the same FST masonry nails as the "Pneumatic LT50" but is powered by a lithium li-on battery and gas cartridges which makes the tool completely light weight and portable without the need for a compressor, the nailer can fire 8000 nails before re-charging and up to 1400 shots per fuel cell (gas cartridge), making it a truly versatile and easy to use tool. Spotnails recommend 20mm nails are used for the everyday installation of carpet grippers but this tool will also take up to 50mm FST masonry nails for other applications such as skirting boards.

Asphfelt and bitumen based floors also require a different approach and have to be glued as nails can crack the sub floor and compromise the moisture barrier, this can be achieved by using Gripfill (or other gunable adhesive) or otherwise a hot melt glue gun such as the Gundlach Hot Melt Kit or the various options of TEC hot melt glue guns, the advantage of these is that they set almost instantly and as long as they are applied to a clean dust free surface they will grab more than strong enough.