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MAPEI ShowerPerfect 24" PVC Linear Drain Body, Frame and Extension Components Assembly Kit

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MAPEI ShowerPerfect 24" PVC Linear Drain Body, Frame and Extension Components Assembly Kit

24" (61 cm) PVC Linear Drain Body, Frame and Extension Components

ShowerPerfect Linear Drain Assembly Kit contains the ShowerPerfectLinear Drain Body – a durable, patented, PVC linear floor drain that is lightweight, low-profile and specifically designed for use with Mapelastic™ AquaDefense or Mapelastic WSM waterproofing membrane. ShowerPerfect Linear Drain Body is plumbing-code-approved with PMG products certified by ICC-ES (International Code Council) and Canada’s cUPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) products listed by IAPMO. Allowing for the use of large-format tile or stone installations with a single plain slope to the drain, ShowerPerfect Linear Drain is engineered to be installed 3" to 6" (7,5 to 15 cm) away from the wall and comes with the standard vertical waste line. ShowerPerfect Drain Extenders are included to accommodate wall-to-wall shower compartment installations from 26" to 32" (66 to 81 cm) in width. The ShowerPerfect Drain Frame is a stainless-steel drain frame clamping collar that ensures a waterproof seal and that features locator pins fabricated into the linear drain body, for ease of alignment after waterproofing.

Kit components:
• ShowerPerfect Linear Drain Body
24" (61 cm) PVC linear drain body
• ShowerPerfect Drain Frame
Stainless-steel drain frame / clamping collar
• ShowerPerfect Strainer Channels
2 stainless-steel channels for drain frame
• ShowerPerfect Drain Extenders
2 stainless-steel extenders for linear drain
• ShowerPerfect Strainer Tools
2 removal tools for strainer
• ShowerPerfect Stainless-Steel Base Screws
22 stainless-steel screws for drain frame / clamping collar
• ShowerPerfect Strainer Spacers
3 plastic spacers for strainer height adjustment
• ShowerPerfect Drain Body Floor Supports
4 plastic drain body supports for attaching to floor (for use with floated mud installation only)
4 pre-formed non-woven inside corners

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