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Crain Cutter Co.

Crain 001 Model "A" Vinyl Tile Cutter w/Case

This professional 12" cutter has built-in low-profile thumb knobs for fast blade height adjustment. The smooth blue base has an embossed silver... more info

Crain 002 Model "A" Vinyl Tile Cutter Carrying Case

This carrying case for the Crain 001 Model "A" Tile Cutter features an easy-to-carry, streamlined design that also saves space. The... more info

Crain 008 18" Vinyl Special Tile Cutter

This heavy-duty machine cuts up to 18 inch vinyl tiles straight, or 12 inch tiles diagonally. It has a steel reinforced blade carrier and large,... more info

Crain 017 Metal Skat Skates

Crain Skat Skates are a pair of heavy-duty dollies that are adjustable in length for moving a wide variety of furniture and appliances. Each dolly in... more info