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Carpet Pullers

Crain 265 Stand-Up Cutter

The Stand-Up Cutter slices glued-down carpet into narrow strips for faster removal, and works great for rapid rough cutting of carpet off the roll.... more info

Crain 266 Stand-Up Cutter Replacement Point

This sharp, hardened point for the No. 265 Stand-Up Cutter has a precision-machined slot for guiding a utility blade. It punctures glued-down carpet... more info

Crain 687 Stand-Up Carpet Peeler Pin

Includes one each replacement pin for the No. 686 Stand-Up Carpet Peeler. This steel pin is driven beneath the carpet and then peels the carpet back... more info

Crain 844 Carpet Pulling Claw

The pulling claw features a compound leverage jaw and large contoured handle for pulling up glued-down flooring materials. The spring-loaded jaw... more info