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Line Blocks, Pins, and Twigs

Kraft Tool BL156 Snap-Over Line Twigs (Pkg 14)

Snap around mason's line and eliminate sagging Can be personalize d Item ID BL156 Weight 0.20 LB (0.09 kg) Length 4 in.... more info

Kraft Tool BL158 Bricklayer's Line Pins (Pkg 4)

Made of tempered steel Stiff and long enough to hold the line Item ID BL158 Weight 0.30 LB (0.14 kg) Length 4-1/2" Package... more info

Kraft Tool BL159 Bricklayer's Line Pins (Box of 200)

Stiff and long enough to hold the line Made of tempered steel Item ID BL159 Weight 36.00 LB (16.33 kg) Length 4.5 in. (11.430 cm) ... more info

Kraft Tool BL242 Oversize Line Block - 4-1/2" Each

Create an even lines as you build your masonry wall. This larger than average block is designed specifically with bull nosed block in mind. Secure... more info

Kraft Tool BL253 Bricklayers Corner Blocks (Pair)

Grip the wall tightly and will not break 2-3/4" stem lets you easily move the line up Item ID BL253 Weight 0.20 LB (0.09 kg) ... more info

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