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Staplers & Tackers

Better Tools Tacker Hammer BT610

Better Tools announces the launch of their new line of  Staples  and Staple  Hammer Tackers . The staple line includes Divergent Point... more info

Crain 126 Staple Remover

This staple remover has a lower, ultra-thin prying lip to gets under the staples, and a pivoting upper jaw that activates automatically with the... more info

Crain 130 Staple Hammer Tacker

This popular and proven Rapid staple hammer has a simple design with only four moving parts. Clearing jams is easy by releasing a quick-access pin to... more info

Crain 140 Heavy-Duty Hammer Tacker

This hammer tacker for pad staples has a simplified, highly durable driving mechanism. The heavy head and longer handle help to drive staples into... more info

Crain 486 Safety Glasses

These Goggles feature a lightweight, impact resistant, polycarbonate lens. Air vents help prevent fogging under normal conditions. Can be worn over... more info

Crain 614 Staple Saver Box - Large

These durable protective boxes are designed to hold 7" pad staple boxes and are made from durable telescoping tubes. The detented internal closure... more info

Crain 617 Staple Saver Box - Small

These boxes are designed specifically to hold 5418 Electric Tacker Staples. They are made from durable plastic telescoping square tubes that have a... more info

Crain 618 Staple Saver Box - Large

These boxes are designed specifically to hold 7512 Hammer Tacker Staples. They are made from durable plastic telescoping square tubes that have a... more info

Crain 635 Opto Power Tacker Staple Gun

The Power Tacker has a long, slender nose that more easily parts yarns to penetrate down to the carpet's backing. The short overall height, narrow... more info

Duo-Fast CS-5000 Compression Stapler

This Duo-Fast Wide Crown Fine Wire Stapler has a squeeze handle style design, is lightweight and inexpensive. It features fully adjustable power... more info

Duo-Fast ENC-5418B Carpet Pro Electric Crown Stapler

The best selling CarpetPro from Duo-Fast is a heavy duty electric stapler that is preferred by professionals for carpet installation. It features a... more info

Duo-Fast HT550-Classic Hammer Tacker

This classic hammer tacker is the professional's choice for a variety of applications including carpet pad, roofing paper and insulation... more info

Duo-Fast HT755 Wide Crown Fine Wire Stapler

Take on a variety of applications with this Wide Crown Fine Wire Stapler (HT-755) from DuoFast. Its hammer style design is durable, lightweight and... more info

Duo-Fast Slapshot Ergogrip Hammer Tacker

The Slapshot hammer stapler is an industrial strength tools that features a comfortable rubber grip for maximum comfort. It is the perfect tool for... more info

Duo-Fast SureShot 5424 20 Gauge Pneumatic Stapler - 5/16" - 3/4"

The Duo-Fast Sureshot 5424 fine wire stapler, drives 5/16" to 3/4" 20 gauge 3/16" crown fine wire staples. Comes with one year... more info

Gundlach 218 Tacker Jacket

Fits the Duo-Fast No. ENC-5418A helping to prevent marking of walls. Made from leather, the Tacker Jacket fastens with two snaps. Does not interfere... more info

Gundlach 81 Edge Binding Stapler

A plier style stapler ideal for edge binding carpets or rugs. It has a 2-1/4" throat depth that is 3/8" high. Plated for rust prevention... more info

Gundlach 83 Staple Remover

Has a comfortable plastic handle and features a hinged blade for varying penetration angles. Has powerful leverage for easy work and is 6-1/2" long... more info

Gundlach B-5418-9/16 Staple Saver Box - Small

For No. 5418 series 9/16" staples, or equivalent.This box is constructed of a transparent plastic with two-piece telescoping design. Both halves have... more info

Gundlach HT11 Hammer Tacker

This tool is well balanced and was designed for carpet pad stapling. It has a comfortable vinyl hand grip and is sturdily constructed from tough... more info

Orcon 13064 Trident Hammer Tacker

Lightweight and durable Comfortable grip Easy rear staple loading Staple jams clear quickly Users 7512, 5010, and A-11 staples more info

Powernail 54E 20-Gauge Electric Carpet Tacker

The Powernail trigger-pull Carpet Tacker is designed to bring Powernail quality and flooring expertise to an electric stapler. Designed for use with... more info

Powernail 54P 20-Gauge Pneumatic Carpet Tacker

The new 54P Carpet Tacker is a compact, pneumatic alternative to our electric carpet tacker. This tacker fits easily between spindles and tight... more info

Powernail HT-550 20-Gauge Manual Hammer Tacker

The HT-550 Hammer Tacker is a heavy duty tacker for the installation of carpet padding. Uses 5/16" Powernail 5000 Series PowerStaples or Duo Fast... more info

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