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Powernail 06-2ALW Aluminum White Mallet - Single Cap

This is Powernail's all-new Aluminum White Rubber Mallet. Weighing only 1.7 lbs., this mallet is almost a full pound lighter than our traditional 3MI... more info

Powernail 06-3MIB 3MI Pneumatic Black Mallet - Single Cap

The choice of mallet can make a big difference in the installation of your floor. The Powernail 3MI, approximately 2.5 lbs. with rubber cap and... more info

Powernail 06-3MIBB 3MI Pneumatic Black Mallet - Double Cap

The Powernail double black capped mallet is a proven winner. The double-cap helps to protect your nailer investment by causing little or no damage to... more info