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Tapping Blocks & Pull Bars

BULLET TOOLS 711P Pro-Length Tapping Block

Close gaps during flooring installation with the Pro-Length Flooring Tapping Block. This professional tapping block prevents damage when seating... more info

BULLET TOOLS 712HD Heavy Duty Pull Bar

This mondo pull bar delivers. Its beveled end prys into tight spaces, while the steel block provides a heavy duty hammer contact point that... more info

BULLET TOOLS BA91-7119 Striker XXL Hammer-Free Tapping Block

Proudly manufactured in the USA, the extra-long Striker is made from durable, high-quality HDPE. This installer-designed tapping block has optimum... more info

BULLET TOOLS MT93-0044 Magnum Floor Driver

Designed to be used while kneeling or standing, the Magnum Floor Driver is made with curved outer edges to provide a maximized point of contact while... more info

Crain 557 Hardwood Pry Bar

This specialized bar for wedging bowed planks into position has a curve-shaped end with a sharp point. Place the curve-shaped end against a bowed... more info

Crain 559 Close To Wall Staple Tool

This close to wall stapling tool can manually staple 3/4" solid hardwood planks generally within one board width of the wall. It reduces the need for... more info

Crain 560 Knuckle Head Pull Bar

This steel pull bar is designed to take heavy hammering when necessary to pull planks together. It has a boxed "knuckle-shaped" hammering... more info