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Carts & Dollies

Bucket Dolly 102-BD Heavy Duty Bucket Dolly

This is the best dolly available for professional use. It is virtually impossible to tip a loaded dolly since the bucket platform is only 5/8" above... more info

Crain 017 Metal Skat Skates

Crain Skat Skates are a pair of heavy-duty dollies that are adjustable in length for moving a wide variety of furniture and appliances. Each dolly in... more info

Crain 018 Tile Dolly

This dolly is specifically designed for moving heavy boxes of VCT and other tile around the jobsite. It rolls and turns with up to five boxes of VCT... more info

Crain 124 60" Carpet Cart

This cart has a full-sized 20 inch wide x 60 inch long bed that provides extra support for long and heavy rolls up to 1000 lbs. The tubular steel... more info