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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen is the heart of every home, where meals gets prepared with love and family & friends gather to create memories. You spend your most of the time in this part of your home, so investing here will increases the value of your home for sure.Kitchen Remodeling

Phase 1: Design

The first step in any kitchen renovation project is the design phase, where a professional designer works with the homeowner to create a design that will achieve the goals of the homeowner with the kitchen space. In this phase, your remodeling consultant will work to:

Define Measurements: 

The design team will visit your home and record precise measurements of the current kitchen space, which will be used to develop plans for the future space. As kitchen renovators for many years, we are well aware of the small kitchen spaces many of our clients have to work within the Pasco area. We do many apartment renovations and we take pride in our small kitchen remodel expertise and the ability to maximize every inch to make your small kitchen look and feel bigger.


You will see a full mockup rendering of where we propose placing every kitchen design element, from cabinetry to flooring and beyond. Here, we’ll work with you to review what your design consultant is proposing and to make any changes you would like to see.


We will work with you to determine the kitchen remodel cost associated with the proposed mockups and will make any adjustments necessary to stay within the budget you desire. Budgeting is a more streamlined process at JNS Flooring Supplies than it may be at other design firms. Because we are a full-service kitchen and bathroom design company, you will work with one singular team for the entire project from start to finish, which means communication about and management of all costs are handled by the project manager.


Coordinated aesthetics are integral to a kitchen remodel. View a wide range of kitchen remodel pictures to get ideas. We will work with you to match the finishes on your new cabinetry, countertops, flooring, backsplash, and other design elements.

Phase 2: Material

We source the best materials for kitchen renovations from only the best cabinet, countertop, appliance, and fixture suppliers. Our designers will work with you to review the aesthetics you hope to achieve — whether it’s something you saw in a magazine or something you saw on television — and will help to determine the best sources for all of the materials we’ll need for the job


We stock cabinetry from a range of local and international cabinet makers in both modern and traditional styles. We will commission cabinet projects in any finish, style, or material.


We will source any type of countertop you desire, including quartz (Caesarstone, Sile Stone, Zodiaq), Ice Stone (Recycled Glass and Concrete), natural stone, granite, wood, glass, stainless steel, concrete, and Richlite (recycled paper product).

Phase 3: Renovation & Installation

Our team of kitchen remodeling contractors and designers is unparalleled in their professionalism and craftsmanship. We will work tirelessly throughout the renovation and installation process to provide top-notch work that maintains budget, schedule, and quality. Our streamlined full-service process means working with one team — with one vision — for the entire project; your project manager will manage the entire team throughout the renovation process.Kitchen Remosiling 2