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STAUF ACS-210 True-Seal Acrylic Concrete Sealer / Primer - 2 Gal

STAUF ACS-210 True-Seal is a pure acrylic based sealer for professional flooring installation. It does not contain any solvents, isocyanates or other... more info

STAUF AQP-200 Eco-Prime Acrylic Concrete Primer - 2 gal.

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AQP-200 is an acrylic based primer created for a dust free installation and better adhesion of all of Stauf adhesives. AQP-200 penetrates deep and... more info

STAUF CCF-40 Fast hardening Concrete Crack Filler Parts A & B - 10 fl. oz.

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CCF-40 is a pre measured 2 component filler used for the repair or filling of voids in concrete substrate. Ideal for filling cracks in concrete sub... more info

STAUF DJF-60 Permanently Flexible Joint Filler - 1 gal.

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DJF-60 is a pre measured 2 component filler used for filling of dynamic or moving joints in concrete substrate. Ideal for filling joints of any... more info

STAUF ECP-280 Isolator Oil barrier over concrete - 1.2 gal

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Brand:  Stauf SKU:  ECP-280 Per Pallet:  N/A Type:  Concrete Prep Shelf Life:  24 Months in original, Unopened Container... more info

STAUF EHS-265 Hydro-Seal Water Based Epoxy Primer (two component pail) - 2-1/2 gal.

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STAUF EHS-265 Hydro-Seal is a two component, hybrid-epoxy resin based primer for sub floor preparation prior to installation of urethane based... more info

STAUF LVP-777 Pro-Lux Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring Adhesive - 4 Gal

STAUF LVP-777 Pro-Lux is a specially formulated adhesive for the installation of luxury vinyl tiles and planks. It has an incredible green grab and... more info

STAUF PUM-950 Power-Mastic Urethane Based Wood Flooring Adhesive - 3 Gal

STAUF PUM-950 Power-Mastic provides a tremendous improvement for urethane adhesives. It is a urethane based, high-strength adhesive for professional... more info

STAUF QFF-560 High-Strength Trowelable Feather Patch - 10 lbs. Bag

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Fast setting concrete mix for filling holes and building ramps over any sound subfloor. Easy to spread, sets up very quickly, suitable under wood... more info

STAUF RLC-580 Fiber reinforced Hydrolyzed Anhydrite Self Leveling Compound - 50 lbs.

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RLC 580 is a leveling compound based on Hydrolyzed Anhydrite formulated specifically for use over old adhesive or flooring remnants that still remain... more info

STAUF SLC-540 Self Leveling Compound High-Strength Self-Leveling Compound - 50 lbs.

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Cement and dispersion powder based leveling compound. Contains no solvents, no VOC. Can be used under wood flooring, resilient flooring and ceramic... more info

STAUF SMP-960 One-Step Polymer Based Wood Flooring Adhesive - 3 Gal

STAUF SMP-960 One-Step is an advanced formula, unique polymer 4-in-1 adhesive designed for professional wood flooring installation. It replaces... more info

STAUF ULC-500 2 Component Self Leveling Compound - 2 Gal. Plastic Pail + 1-3/4 Qt. Plastic Can

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ULC-500 Level-Seal is a two component urethane leveling compound capable of creating a moisture barrier of up to 18#?s CC or 97%RH. Level-Seal... more info

STAUF WFR-930 Solva-Mastic Alcohol Based Wood Flooring Adhesive - 4 Gal

STAUF WFR-930 Solva-Mastic is an alcohol based, high-strength adhesive for professional wood flooring installation. It contains no chlorinated... more info

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