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TackStrip Tools

Better Tools BT360 16 Oz. Forged Steel Framing Hammer

This 16 oz. claw hammer is good for hammering down and pulling up tack strip. Forged steel head is induction hardened and includes a magnetic nail... more info

Better Tools BT703-TP Trim Puller by Zenith

A revolutionary, patented tool that does all the work of a pry bar and claw but without the damage. The Trim Puller is designed specifically for... more info

Crain 157 Molding Lifter

This steel pry bar is designed to get behind wood base and moldings and pry them off with a minimum of damage. Both the rocker and flat ends have... more info

Crain 159 Vaughan Superbar

The Vaughan 15" Superbar is the classic heavy-duty pry bar. Features a fully rounded "shepherd's crook" rocker end for maximum... more info

Crain 166 Magnetic Driving Bar

This long-nosed hammering tool extends beneath toe-spaces and other low clearance areas to drive tack strip nails and other nails into the subfloor....