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Carpet Knives

Better Tools 70503 Push Button Carpet Knife

Check out our improved 70503 push button carpet knife. It’s made of die-cast zinc, has storage for blades in the handle and the handle swivels... more info

Better Tools 70504 Quick Change Carpet Knife

Quick Change Carpet Knife New – Improved Design! Push-Button Blade Change Soft Grip Handle Easy to Use Magnetic blade storage in handle ... more info

Better Tools 70507 Pad Slayer Multi-Use Industrial Knife

The Slayer’s unique use of a 4” blade doubles the available cutting surface of other utility knives. This allows the user to cut... more info

Crain 103 Carpet Knife

Our best resharpenable carpet knife features a long 3" blade with greater thickness for rigidity and durability. The gentle hook of the blade... more info

Crain 170 Hyde 3" Carpet Knife

The resharpenable Hyde carpet knife is inexpensive and sharpens fast. The three inch long carbon steel blade forms a sharp point that does the... more info

Crain 191 D.I.Y. Plastic Razor D.I.Y. Knife

Crain No. 191 Plastic Razor D.I.Y. Knife This inexpensive slotted razor blade knife has a red plastic body. The body is contoured for gripping, and... more info

Crain 217 Hook Handle Razor Knife

This slotted razor blade carpet knife has multiple added contours for improved grip. The wide contoured mid-section transitions to a narrow rear hook... more info

Crain 720 Hinged Knife

This slotted razor blade knife hinges open after removal of the hardened slotted fastener for access to blade storage. The body features a slim... more info

Crain 725 Deluxe Carpet Knife

The rear-loading blade magazine of this slotted razor blade knife provides quick access to replacement blades. Simply loosen the folding thumbscrew,... more info

Crain 726 Pivoting Carpet Knife

The pivoting carpet knife pivots open for fast access to the replacement slotted razor blades. Opens quickly by loosening the folding thumb screw.... more info

Crain 733 Extra-Grip Carpet Knife

Crain No. 733 Extra-Grip Carpet Knife This carpet knife has a slim profile and heavy knurling on the body and up front for better grip and precision... more info

Crain 735 Carpet Pad Knife

This slotted razor blade knife has a relieved blade holder that exposes a longer cutting surface of the blade to more efficiently slice through thick... more info

Gundlach 103-CK Carpet Knife

Has an exceptionally high quality 3" long blade. It keeps its extra sharp edge longer than others. Can be used on all types of carpeting. It... more info

Gundlach No. 154 Hinged Razor Blade Knife

A partial turn of a thumb screw is all that is needed to open this hinged knife—no tools required. Features a flat, slim profile for... more info

Gundlach No. 215 Slotted Blade Carpet Knife

Uses a slotted clamping screw for quick blade changing. This die cast aluminum knife has a slim, polished handle. Screw is case hardened to resist... more info

Gundlach No. 217 Hook Handle Razor Knife

This knife has a hooked end and a full size, smooth handle. Uses a spring loaded D-ring fastener that folds flat against the knife body. Extra blades... more info

Gundlach No. 230 Push-Button Carpet Knife

This is the original push-button knife, and it still uses the same innovative and patented design . To use, simply push the button at the rear of the... more info

Gundlach No. 535 Slotted Blade Carpet Knife

Has a folding D-ring fastener that is tensioned to stand up for easiest blade changing. When not in use, the D-ring fastener holds flat against the... more info

Gundlach No. 720 Hinged Carpet Knife

Features a safety stop for thumb protection and better cutting control. This die cast aluminum knife has a hinged design, secured by a combination... more info

Gundlach No. 735 Carpet Pad Knife

This knife holds the blade at the proper angle to allow easy cutting of carpet pad. Made from die cast aluminum and has a quick opening D-ring... more info

Gundlach No. KT-1670 D.I.Y Plastic Razor Blade Knife

This red plastic knife has a comfortable contoured grip. Has a slip resistant safety thumb rest. Blade depth is adjustable. No tools are needed to... more info

Hyde 20350 2-1/2" Carpet Knife

A long time favorite Hyde brand knife, with a general purpose 2-1/2" long point blade. The hardwood handle has a burnt finish. The blade is... more info

Hyde 20460 2-1/2" Carpet Tucking Knife

Most carpet knives are not strong enough for this use, but here’s one that is. Has a heavy gauge 2-1/2" blade that is plenty stiff, and is... more info

Hyde 20550 Black & Silver 2-1/2" Carpet Tucking Knife

Cutting tool for professional trades: ceilings, drywall, floorcovering, roofing and more. Heavy duty .072" chrome vanadium steel blade. 5º... more info

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