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Dexter-Russell Inc.

Dexter 10-D Linoleum Knife Handle

The shaped burnt finish handle has a metal tube with internal threads that grip and draw up tight on the threaded shanks of the replaceable blades.... more info

Dexter 7-DK Custom 7 All Purpose Knife

Quick opening, this knife has a comfortable linoleum knife shaped handle made of die cast zinc. The offset head gives knuckle room, and provides a... more info

Dexter 742-1/2 2-1/2" Knife

An all-purpose knife with a 2-1/2" deep hook blade and a contoured shaped wood handle. As do all Dexter knives, this knife features a hand ground and... more info

Dexter Russel 72 V-Shaped Hook Blade - 5 Per Pack

These specialty Dexter hook blades for the Dexter Custom Handle have an ultra-deep V sharp hook to produce clean cuts in felt-back vinyl. When used... more info