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Norton 75912 4" Grinding Wheel

Aluminum oxide is the most commonly used abrasive. Best-suited for general purpose deburring and blending, it is tough, economical and... more info

Norton 89055 6" Dry Cutting Masonry Blade

Used on portable electric saws to cut ceramic tile, stone, brick, masonry block, etc. This 7" diameter x 1/8" thick silicon carbide blade has... more info

Norton JT910 120 Grit Sharpening Stone

A medium #120 grit linoleum knife stone without a handle, that is preferred by some installers. Size is 1-1/4" wide x 10" long x 3/4" thick. more info

Norton JT920 120 Grit Sharpening Stone w/ Handle

This medium #120 grit stone is especially designed for linoleum knife sharpening. Has a permanently attached comfortable wood handle. Stone size is... more info

Norton JT930 120/240 Grit Sharpening Stone w/ Handle

This is a double grit stone having the fast cutting #120 medium grit on one side, and the #240 fine grit on the other side for razor edge sharpening.... more info

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Concord 1100 3" Premium Quality Seam Tape

Concord 1100 3" Premium Quality Seam Tape

$12.99  $11.69
Save: 10%

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