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Protimeter BLD0500 Replacement Pin Needles 1" - 20 Pack

Protimeter Replacement pin needles 1" (20pack) - P0500. For Protimeter Pin type Moisture Meters. (Surveymaster, MMS2, Mini's & Timbermaster) more info

Protimeter BLD0501 Ferrule Nuts - 2 Pack

Retaining nuts for the pins on the top of the meter more info

Protimeter BLD4650.100 Adjustable Sleeves - 100 Pack

Protimeter 100 pack of adjustable sleeves for BLD4755-5 Mini Hygrostick. The humidity sleeves are designed to be used in conjunction with the... more info

Protimeter BLD4650.50 Adjustable Sleeves - 50 Pack

Protimeter 50 pack of adjustable sleeves for BLD4755-5 Mini Hygrostick. The humidity sleeves are designed to be used in conjunction with the... more info

Protimeter BLD4653 3/4" Wire Brush

3/4" wire brush for cleaning out drilled hole Ideal when used with filtered industrial vacuum more info

Protimeter BLD4755.5 Mini Hygrostick w/ Calibration Certificate - 5 Pack

Sensors specifically designed for concrete floor moisture measurement Pack of five working probes, supplied with a calibration certificate. P5806 is... more info

Protimeter BLD4755.EX Extractor Tool

Required to remove mini Hygosticks from concrete flooring applications more info

Protimeter BLD4790 Salt Solution

Protimeter Salt Calibration Check 75% RH for the BLD4755-5 Mini Hygrostick's more info

Protimeter BLD4790.AD Salts Calibration Test Bottle Adapter

Protimeter Salt Calibration check Adapter for the BLD4755-5 Mini Hygrostick more info

Protimeter BLD5055 Heavy Duty Slide Hammer Electrode

Protimeter Hammer Electrode is designed for making measurements in wood and wood structures such as wooden floors and timber stock. The Hammer... more info

Protimeter BLD5060 2 Pin Heavy Duty Moisture Probe and Lead

2 Pin heavy duty moisture probe and lead For moisture measurement system For measuring percent moisture content in timber and percent WME in other... more info

Protimeter BLD5086 Calcheck device - for pin-type meter range

Protimeter Calcheck device (for pin-type meter range). For Protimeter Pin Type Moisture Meters. more info

Protimeter BLD5365 Surveymaster Dual-Function Moisture Meter

The world's original and best-selling dual-function moisture meter with both pin and non-invasive measurement capabilities. The right moisture meter... more info

Protimeter BLD5702 Digital Mini (PIN ONLY) Pin-Type Moisture Meter

Tough, accurate, easy-to-use. Introducing our portable and precise pin type moisture meter featuring both color LED indication and a large digital... more info

Protimeter BLD5765 Aquant Non-Destructive Moisture Meter w/Case

Searching for moisture has never been easier. Introducing the Protimeter Aquant, the simplest and most reliable moisture meter on the market.  ... more info

Protimeter BLD5806 Hygrostick/QuickStick Extension Lead

Extension lead for reading mini Hygrostiks in flooring applications For use with the Hygromaster, MMS, MMS+ & MMS2 instruments only. **THIS IS... more info

Protimeter BLD8800-FL MMS2 Flooring Kit

For moisture measurements in concrete floor slabs using the relative humidity in-situ probe method.   Applications   Concrete floors... more info

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