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Floor Removal and Stripping Machines
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Floor Removal and Stripping Machines

There are many different types of applications when it comes to installing flooring some of which can be quite hard to rip-up or remove however the key to a properly installed floor is the preparation of the existing sub-floor prior to this which unfortunately means removing the old floor coverings, sometimes this can be as easy as carefully removing the old loose layed carpet or vinyl and cleaning the area ready, however many types of flooring are now glued down with some sort of adhesive and depending which product has been used can be a little harder, if this is the case then the old floor covering can sometimes be cut into smaller strips before attempting to pull up so as to split into smaller sections,

If this method isn’t working it is recommended to use a stripping machine, there are various manufactures of these and some are definitely better or more suitable for the job in hand than others, for smaller areas there are tools like the "Jumbo universal floor stripper" or the "SPE MS230 Stripper"(also known as a bully stripper), after this for some of the more difficult floors or larger areas there are a substantial range of stripping machines from the likes of Wolff, SPE and National Equipment available in 110v, 240v,Propane and Petrol powered variants,

These consist of the "Wolff Turbo Stripper" which has a 2.6 kW motor and is capable of up lifting flooring at a rate of up to 60 - 100m²'s per hr and has removable weights and a detachable handle for easy transportation not to mention the range of accessories and blades for many different types of flooring, another good contender when it comes to this category of strippers is the "MS330" from SPE Bartell Global which comes in four different specifications ranging from 2.2kw - 4.1kw motors and is capable of removing sheet vinyl, linoleum, cork, bonded carpet, Woodblock, tiles, de bonded membranes and sports surfaces.